Roger Harvey

Roger Harvey


Roger Harvey is the CEO for Switch Playground, a growing chain of indoor cycling studios based in Manhattan. He is a 25+ year veteran of the fitness industry, with a bachelor’s degree in Movement Science from the University of Michigan. He was the Chief Operating Officer for Crunch Fitness for 13+ years, helping the organization grow from two small studios to a nationwide chain of more than 25 gyms. He has provided consulting services for several start-up brands (Gotham Gym and Big Al’s Family Fitness), and serves as a management and leadership mentor to some of the most talented young professionals in the industry. A dedicated father of two daughters, Roger’s professional purpose is simple: Do your best to help others today.  Do it again – and do it better – tomorrow. “Regretting means that you want to change the past.  Remembering means that you want to change the future.”

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