Ross McCaw


  • Profession: Founder & CEO
  • Company: OurPeople

Ross McCaw is CEO and Founder of OurPeople a team communication and engagement platform built right out of the fitness industry. Whilst studying computer technology at college, Ross worked as a part time Lifeguard and Swim Teacher which provided him valuable insight into the workings of the industry. Combining this with his knowledge of software saw the birth of his first company, CoursePro which revolutionized the way swim lessons were administered in the UK and beyond. By the time the company was acquired by Jonas Software in 2014, over 2 million swimmers were enrolled and the software was being utilized across the globe. 

In 2015, off the back of the success of CoursePro, McCaw launched OurPeople. He’d noticed a huge disconnect with the way that fitness operators communicated with their remote teams. The challenges faced with making sure the right team members saw the right communication at the right time.  As Covid 19 hit, OurPeople saw record usage with more and more operators utilising the tool on a daily basis to communicate critical information to their people. 

Away from work Ross is a huge group exercise fan, runner, cyclist and swimmer.

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