Sarah Larson Levey


  • Profession: Founder & CEO
  • Company: Y7 Studio

Sarah Larson Levey is the Founder and CEO of New York-based Y7 Studio. She is an innovator, entrepreneur, 200-hour registered yoga instructor, author, and certified Health Coach.

After working in Fashion for five years, Levey launched Y7 Studio at 26 as an answer to her personal desire for something other than the (very) traditional yoga practices offered. Since launching in 2013, the Y7 brand has expanded to a national business with studios across New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, disrupting the fitness space and flexing real influence. Uniquely positioned—Y7 classes combine 60-minutes of intensity with heat and strength, complemented by deep breathing to calm the mind, all while set to the latest beats Levey’s goal? To break down the traditional barriers of yoga, making it accessible and inclusive in attitude and design, with dark rooms and zero mirrors to eliminate the distraction of physical comparison.

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