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Now more than ever is a good time to start thinking about your business model and what potential new strategies you need to consider when the time comes to reopen.  Although thinking about reopening your fitness studio seems like a lifetime away, you must start to consider focusing on new ways to both motivate your members to come back, as well as what new member acquisition looks like in the current climate.  To make sure that you have a solid plan to re-open your business, consider the following:

Past vs. New Organizational Structure

How things worked in the past might not ring true post-COVID-19.  In other words, your past organizational structure might need to be shifted.  For many fitness boutiques, having a dedicated Sales Manager, as well as a Head Trainer allowed you to cover both the sales and training aspects of the business.  As we come out of this pandemic, you should consider having someone dedicated to your digital strategy.  Many studios are LiveStreaming workouts via Zoom, YouTube, etc. and it might be a great time to add that value onto your entire services platform moving forward.  At the end of the day, nothing beats an in-person fitness experience but adding that digitalis a great compliment, particularly in uncertain times

What Is Your Cleaning Message?

This is something that will be the new normal.  Although every fitness facility should focus on cleaning, you should think about the consistency of your cleaning, as well as, how you communicate that message to your members.  I believe having an hourly (or after every class) full staff cleaning of the studio will be the new normal.  You should absolutely make sure to let your membership base know what your plan is for that via email, social media, as well as in person.  In addition, make sure it is a consistent message.  Having a message that sits on your website and weekly posts on social media about how you are addressing the cleaning and sanitizing needs of your studio will go a long way in building back trust with your membership base.


When you are putting together your strategy to re-open your doors, some thought should go toward your programming of classes.  Pre-pandemic you might have had 8-10 classes per day.  Consider scaling back in your first month back which will not only help with payroll but also give members a chance to slowly start coming back.  It is unrealistic to think that all of your normal class schedule will be filled in your first month back.

“Life will get back to normal in our industry,” says Steven Sullivan, F45 Franchise Performance Manager and studio owner in Texas.  “The key when thinking about my strategy to re-open my studios is about re-building my brand within the community, as well as, integrating new vertical revenue streams like our “at home” app.  It is never too soon to think about my re-open strategy”.



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