Top Questions: SHOULD YOU POST PRICING ON YOUR WEBSITE? - Boutique Fitness Summit


Answer 1:

Contributed by Chris Gallo, VP of Business Development for ClubReady

My advice would be to post price for only for some sort of intro offer OR instead create a seamless, low barrier single trial class signup that can be done online to get the person in the door to get immersed into the real studio experience.

Answer 2:

Contributed by Brittany Welk, Co-Founder & COO of LadyStrong Fitness

I don’t believe you should post your pricing on your website, especially if you are a small individual location. I think it allows the public to make an opinion based on human nature of fear of investment without evening getting the opportunity to see the value provided.

Answer 3:

Contributed by Susan Rothman, Multiple Franchisee Owner, Pure Barre Chicago

Some brands have found success by not showing pricing online and instead, connecting with prospective clients 1:1 before their first visit or purchase. This studio-directed contact provides the opportunity to shift the focus from price to relationship-building, so selling comes from a consultative stance (who is the client and what do they need?), not a transactional, priced-based one led by the client. There are certainly additional factors to consider when it comes to this approach, but it’s a powerful strategy when executed well.



Show your value before you show your rates!