Live Q&A with Tech Experts from AV Now

Live Q&A with Tech Experts from AV Now

Learn how to get the most from your tech and ease the process of re-opening your studio.

There’s been a lot of focus and emphasis on tech during quarantine because of the heavy reliance on virtual fitness but, this reliance on tech isn’t going to go away.

Join us in our latest webinar and take a deep dive with the experts from AV Now to get direct answers on how you can utilize your tech and equipment in the most effective way possible to make your reopening safe and successful.

From additional headsets to limit exposure between instructors to temperature check tablets, AV Now is ready to answer your questions and bring you the products you need.


What’s Going To Be Covered:

✔️ How to get the most out of your tech as people return to your studio

✔️ How to accommodate a hybrid of virtual and in person classes

✔️ Any other questions to help resolve any technical barriers you may be facing as you reopen

Thursday, May 21

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