Reconnect, Re-engage, and Rebuild your community

Reconnect, Re-engage, and Rebuild your community

The steps for going from virtual to IRL (and back again!) with no member left behind
As you plan to open the doors of your brick and mortar once again, we turned to our community-building pro, Rhodie Lorenz of JoyRide Cycling, to lend advice and guidance (even if it’s over a month away for you, the prep and rebuild starts now). With locations of JoyRide already open, Rhodie is here to not just tell you what she has planned but what has worked firsthand to re-engage the JoyRide community thus far.


Tune in for this show-and-tell/fireside chat to hear how JoyRide:


  • used video to re-engage their community
  • communicated safety protocols
  • gained trust and confidence from their members
  • brought excitement and certainty (over fear) to their re-opening


Tuesday, June 9

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