Video On Demand is A Whole Different Biz, Here’s How…

Video On Demand is A Whole Different Biz, Here’s How…

Here's your chance to ask all of your questions directly to the woman that has been on the forefront of boutique fitness for 15 years - Jennifer Maanavi, Co-Founder of Physique 57

Jennifer Maanavi was ahead of her time in boutique fitness and the barre boom when she opened Physique 57 in 2005…and she hasn’t stopped innovating (and being out ahead of every new trend) in the industry since. From introducing VOD back in 2012 to franchising to licensing, she’s done it all! While she has endless knowledge she could share, we will focus this Live Q&A on the topic du jour, Video On Demand Fitness.

Tune in to ask your questions live and find out:

  • how the differences between live streaming and video on demand are more than just “screen” deep
  • ideas for how to compensate instructors for a video on demand business
  • pricing structure options for VOD
  • how to market your VOD differently than your live stream or brick and mortar

Thursday, July 9

COMPLETED – Recording is exclusive to BFS INSIDERS




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