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“With WellnessLiving I don’t feel like a number. I feel like everyone knows who I am, and it feels good.” -Maura Vella, director of 105F

About WellnessLiving

The WellnessLiving system is a full featured, business management tool. Combining online booking, staff and resource scheduling, point of sale, detailed reporting, reputation management and automated email marketing, it provides everything you need to run your business.

About 105F

It was about two years ago when Maura first joined the WellnessLiving family. Since then, she has seen an immense growth in membership by almost quadruple the amount! With the help of an all-in-one fitness management software, 105F has skyrocketed to success.

Bikram yoga has always been an integral part of Maura’s life. Her introduction to this practice first began in 2005 when she started off as a student at 105F. “I took yoga classes every day, sometimes twice a day!” said Maura. The spark was immediate and there was no looking back!  One year later, Maura quit her corporate job in sales and decided to dedicate her life to this practice. Soon, she got her yoga teacher training certificate and was ready to start helping others transform their lives. “I wanted to change my life” she told us. And after just five years, Maura played a pivotal role in opening 105F’s third location and became the director of this incredible organization.

The facility now offers not only hot yoga classes, but also a range of other options such as vinyasa yoga, meditation, and even teacher training! Expanding their reach was important so they could cater to people who want to improve their lives in whatever way they choose.

At 105F, there is truly something for everyone!


The Challenge

With a growing and thriving business, the need for a reliable software system became imperative. They decided to give a popular booking software a try, but soon realized it could not satisfy all their needs.  For example, instead of streamlining services, the system was slow and time consuming, “It would take ten clicks to buy a towel, not a really great user experience.” Plus, the system was not intuitive which caused even more issues and complications when students or members of staff tried to use the software.

Coming from a sales background, Maura knew the importance of a proper system to help launch their online store. This integration is crucial to allowing them to achieve certain goals. So, when this also proved extremely difficult to use, frustrations began to build. Additionally, Maura wanted to keep track of sales through reports by location, but this was another impossibility.

“The turning point was the lack of the quality of support,” Maura told us. “That was definitely a kicker.” She found it very hard to get in touch with customer support and felt like she was being left in the dark.

Maura knew there had to be an alternative system that would be able to help her meet her needs and achieve her business goals. Eventually, she found WellnessLiving  and the rest is history!

The Solution

After making the transition to WellnessLiving, Maura and her partners at 105F have enjoyed a wide range of options like automated marketing features and a custom branded client app, as well as the company’s customer-focused nature. Now their workflow is much smoother and more streamlined.  “I really like WellnessLiving’s marketing capabilities, because you can customize emails for the client depending on their purchase options. I think that’s really cool,” Maura told us. “It wasn’t something we were able to have before without paying extra. As a result, we were able to save nearly $10,000 on software with all our locations! That was a big chunk of change that we can not only save, but also benefit from.” With a variety of automated marketing options, 105F was able to attract more customers and grow their customer base.

Maura and her team also love WellnessLiving’s mobile options. By providing flexibility and convenience, she can manage their business from anywhere! “I have it at my fingertips just to see when the classes are and who’s teaching. I like it.” Maura also loves how the Achieve Client App created more engagement with her business, streamlining her students’ interactions with her studio.

Perhaps one of the biggest factors that Maura and her team love is the idea that WellnessLiving is extremely customer-centric. “I like that the communication is all about us, the clients. If a client wants a certain feature, WellnessLiving does their best to build that software,” Maura told us. And especially now with WellnessLiving’s Community Forum, business owners are now able to leave comments and make suggestions for features they would like to see.

“With WellnessLiving I don’t feel like a number. I feel like everyone knows who I am, and it feels good.”

We are so glad that Maura’s business is continuing to grow and blossom and can’t wait for what the future has in store!


Curious to see how WellnessLiving can catapult your business? Sign up for a free, no commitment demo today!


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